A Non-Denominational Nassau County Cemetery

Locust Valley Cemetery is a Nassau County cemetery located in Locust Valley. With a unique history spanning over one hundred years, our cemetery's 19th Century founders built a beautifully maintained sanctuary and eternal woodland garden. Loved ones can be memorialized in a number of ways, including tranquil individual and family plots, columbarium or in a mausoleum you build on a special plot located at our grounds.

Exceptional future care and maintenance of your site is guaranteed with our perpetual care endowment. Honor your family and loved ones by reaching out to us to learn more about our Nassau County cemetery plots below.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Nassau County Cemetery

How many Nassau County Cemeteries are there?
According to ancestry.com, there are upwards of 120-130 cemeteries in Nassau County, NY.

Are cemetery plots available?
Yes. Our available plots can be viewed here

What general information can you tell us about Nassau County? Nassau County, New York is conveniently located on Long Island with easy access to NYC. The population is estimated to be between 1,352,146 and 1, 500,000. In fact, Long Island was once named “Nassau” after a town in Germany. It was later renamed. The County is comprised of two cities, 64 villages and 60 unincorporated hamlets. It is among the highest income counties in New York.

Find more information about Nassau County here.