Ground Burial

Traditional Burial Sites in a Unique Park-Like Setting on Long Island

Situated on over 32 lushly landscaped acres, the Locust Valley Cemetery offers an alternative to rows of marble and granite. Single graves will bury two individuals. Perpetual maintenance by the Cemetery's caring staff is included in the purchase price of every gravesite.

  • A 31 Acre Park-Like Sanctuary on Long Island
  • Individual Gravesites
  • Offering Family Plots
  • Prepetual Care Endowment
  • Memorial Gardens for Cremation Urns

For For information about our burial plot prices call (516) 676-5290 today. We will provide you detailed pricing information. Available plots can be viewed here.

How many people can be buried in each plot?
Each single burial plot accommodates 2 interments.

Can cremated remains be interred in a single burial plot?

Does the cemetery provide the cemetery vault (lined and sealed outer receptacle that houses the casket) required for the grave?
No. Those are typically purchased directly from the funeral parlor.

Is maintenance of the plot included in the purchase price?
Yes, a perpetual care fund is supported by proceeds from each sale. The principal of this endowment can never be violated based on the laws of New York State.

Is there a height restriction for headstones?
Yes, new plots are restricted to headstones no higher than 8 inches, to preserve the park-like setting. There is some limited space available in the older area that allows for upright monuments, as that provision is grandfathered in that section of the cemetery.

What Does A Single Cemetery Plot on Long Island Cost?
You can obtain detailed pricing information by calling (516) 676-5290. Available space can be viewed here.

How Much Notice Do I Need To Give Before A Burial Can Take Place?
Notice: The office requires 48 hours notice for all types of services.