Columbarium for Cremated Remains

A Columbarium Provides a Lasting Memorial in a Secure and Tranquil Place

Columbarium Locust Valley

Today many people are searching for an alternative to traditional ground burial that offers beauty and simplicity. Cremation and interment within a Columbarium is one such alternative.

Locust Valley Cemetery has built its Columbarium in a park-like setting and is pleased to offer niche burial space to individuals and families. The Columbarium, approximately 45 feet long and 4 feet high, consists of 4 rows across and has 40 cremation niches in each row.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Columbarium Burial Niches

How many interments can go into each niche?
You can place four urns in each niche.

Is there a size restriction for the urns?
Yes. They cannot exceed 10  inches high by 5 inches wide.

How are the niches marked?
Each niche can be marked with the birth and death dates of the interned.

Is that inscription included in the price?
No, but we do provide that service.

Do you have Cemetery plots for cremated remains in New York?
Yes. Niche burial and memorial garden spaces are available for both individuals and families.

Do you have Columbariums for sale?
Yes. Please contact us online or call (516) 676-5290 today for pricing details. You are also invited to visit anytime

Do you provide cremation services?
No. You can contact us for referrals to local cremation service providers.