Mausoleum Plots

A Mausoleum Provides a Lasting Memorial in a Secure and Tranquil Place

Mausoleum Plot Locust Valley

Establish a permanent legacy of reverence     and distinction for your family with the   creation of a unique and private mausoleum. Built into the gentle slope of an ivy covered hillside, three carefully chosen sites overlook  the vast and expertly maintained grounds below.

The architecture and construction of each mausoleum must meet the meticulous standards of the Cemetery, ensuring your family's place of honor for years to come.

Locust Valley Cemetery can work with you to create a private, individual or family  mausoleum that provides a lasting and meaningful memorial.

To reserve and to plan a mausoleum burial, contact us to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Mausoleum Plots

What is a Mausoleum?
When a loved one dies, most of us create a simple memorial headstone to mark his or her grave, but for some, it may not be enough to honor the deceased. In many cases, family members build a mausoleum to create a lasting tribute to their departed loved one. A mausoleum is an above-ground architectural structure and private resting place where you can memorialize your deceased family member.

Do you have a community Mausoleum?
No we do not have a community mausoleum for above-ground burial.

Does the Locust Valley Cemetery undertake construction of mausoleums?
No we do not. The construction of a custom designed mausoleum crypt is undertaken privately by the plot owner.

What is the procedure for preparing a plot for my mausoleum?
The design of the structure of the above ground garden Mausoleum as well as the landscape design must be submitted to the Locust Valley Cemetery's planning board for approval. The landscaping is a separate cost, and as a plot owner you may use your own landscaping company, or the Cemetery's.

Is there a size restriction for the mausoleum?
Yes. The maximum height of a mausoleum on our grounds is 12 feet. Each mausoleum may accommodate up to 12 interments.

What do mausoleum plots cost to purchase?
Please call 516.676.5290 for answers to all of your questions related to mausoleum pricing.