Family Plots

Family Plots for Cremation Remains and Traditional Burial

Family Plot LV Cemetery

The Locust Valley Cemetery's family plots are uniquely cultivated sites surrounded by rhododendron, azaleas and evergreens.   Flowers dominate in spring and leaves of   every hue in fall. Family plots may range in  size from three to sixty graves with  headstones that rise no more than eight inches. Family plots are available for   traditional burial and may hold cremation remains as well.  Personal expressions of heritage and all religions are sensitively respected and maintained.

When planning your trust or estate, think of Locust Valley Cemetery for a unique and gratifying approach to memorializing your family's legacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions About our Family Plots

How many double depth graves can a family plot accommodate?
They vary in size, and can be carved out to any size you request. We will develop a space for you, and shrubs will enclose it.

What type of interment can be included in the family plot?
Both cremated remains and traditional casket burials can be included.

Do you have burial plots for couples?
Our traditonal single burial plot accommodates 2 interments.

What Does A Family Plot On Long Island Cost?
You can find detailed pricing information for family plots here.