Locust Valley Cemetery Client Testimonials

The Locust Valley Cemetery is unique in many ways. Its ability to connect people from past generations to the present is one of its greatest attributes; and it does this through its peaceful, tranquil and affably-lush grounds. At Dodge-Thomas Funeral Home, we visit cemeteries across the island and greater metropolitan area, and no other cemetery possesses the same characteristics of Locust Valley Cemetery. They have truly raised the bar to which many cemeteries wish to emulate. Its not just the cemetery grounds though, the men and women who make up the staff at Locust Valley go above and beyond their call to make sure their families are taken care of, and that the cemetery remains a place of homage and tribute. As a funeral director with family and friends who have selected Locust Valley Cemetery, I am incredibly grateful to have this special place in our community.
Guy Minutoli Dodge
Thomas Funeral Home

My wife's father and grandmother are buried at the memorial garden for cremains. It is a beautiful and peaceful place.
Joe Xuereb

A meticulously maintained garden resource for botanists and local historians.
A DzDri

My family has had a plot at the Locust Valley Cemetery for almost 100 years. It remains a well maintained and quiet place to visit and honor loved ones. There are few cemeteries in this country like it.
Henry Davison

I am a NY state licensed funeral director and have been to cemeteries all over the country. Locust Valley Cemetery is by far the most beautiful cemetery I have ever visited. It is a serene and peaceful, and immaculately maintained. The grounds, flowers, and plantings give it a park-like feel. It is truly a special place for a loved one's final resting place.
Blake San

Most beautiful cemetery on earth. My mom loves it when I come visit her and the picnic that we have together. My mom, my angel, my everything.
Lisa D.

Such a beautiful and peaceful place. One of the most beautiful cemeteries in the country.
Frank M.

Can not be any happier with [the] service!! So perfectly beautiful that you don't even realize you are in a cemetery.
Anthony C.

Such a beautiful cemetery all around. Trees and shrubs, landscaping just beautiful...
Ingrid C.

A fantastically beautiful place for our loved ones.
Linda T.

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