Why Choose Burial Over Cremation?

Deciding on whether to have a burial or cremation is an incredibly personal and complicated decision. You will have to balance the desires and beliefs of the family and the deceased, as well as financial constraints. The following are some reasons to consider burial over cremation.

1. Respect for beliefs
One of the main reasons people choose burial over cremation is in respect of the religious or cultural beliefs of the deceased or their loved ones. In many cases, traditional burials give the family and their religious or cultural community the opportunity to gather together and share their beliefs.

2. It shows respect for the loved one
Many people believe that burying a loved one shows that you care for them. Cremation on the other hand is similar to getting rid of something. Burying the deceased therefore shows that you love and respect their bodies, and in turn shows great respect for the lives they lived.

3. It gives the family a place they can visit
Burying means that there is a grave that the loved ones can visit to remember the deceased. This allows them to grieve and heal over time. It gives them a sense of being with that person once again. This is something you cannot get from cremation.

4. It is good for the environment
If you’re concerned about the environment, you’ll find that burial is the better option for the environment. You can choose a green burial if you really want to lower your impact. This allows the body to decay and return to the earth as quickly as possible. Cremation makes use of fossil fuels and results in the release of toxic fumes to the air.

Samantha Milano 7/05/18