How to Choose a Cemetery Location

When a loved one dies, several decisions have to be made. One of these decisions is the location where the deceased will be laid to rest. There are several factors to consider when making this decision.

1. The deceased’s choice
Many people these days choose where they will be buried while they are still alive. They pick out a cemetery as well as the burial plot. They pay for the plot to ensure that it is reserved for their burial. If this is the case, then the decision has already been made for you.

2. The deceased’s preferences
Many people prefer their burial to happen where they live. Some prefer their burial to happen where they grew up. Others still prefer their burial to be done at their birth place. It’s important to consider the preferences of the deceased and determine where they would have liked their burial to happen. Did they love where they grew up? Did they hold the place they lived in close to their hearts?

3. Proximity to family
You also need to consider proximity to the deceased’s family members. These are the people who will most likely visit the grave site most often. It is therefore best to have the dead body buried in a cemetery that they can easily access.

4. Type of burial
Are you having a traditional or alternative burial? Are you having the dead body cremated or are you simply burying it? Ensure that the cemetery chosen is equipped for the type of burial that you choose.

5. Budget
How much money is available for the burial? Ensure that you can afford the burial plot and any additional expenses.

Samantha Milano 7/27/18