Locust Valley Cemetery Client Testimonials

When you or someone you know loses a loved one it is a hard period for family and friends. When we hear of the bad news, we often send flowers, food, a comforting note or any symbol of our love to the people that are grieving. Often when we go to a funeral it is surrounded by beautiful flower arrangements from loved ones and friends. We often see flowers being left at gravesites to show that loved ones have visited them and are thinking of them. Overall, flowers have a huge symbolic factor when it comes to death and the afterlife. In times of despair and sadness flowers show expression without words, symbolizing sympathy, respect and love. By sending flowers to someone who has lost a loved one it shows your support and shares their burden of grief. Flowers also have a spiritual significance, showing symbols of eternity and immortality. Because the life of flowers is fleeting it is reminding us that life does not last forever, but, there is still beauty in life after death. Lilies are shown to be the most common flower associated with funerals. These flowers symbolize majesty and purity and represents the innocence that has been restored for the departed soul. Not only are flowers symbolic in many ways but it also creates an ambiance for those grieving. During a funeral service the ones grieving won’t remember the withered dead flowers but will remember the beauty of them when honoring their loved one. Locust Valley Cemetery understands the significance of beauty and of flowers when honoring your loved ones. The grounds at Locust Valley Cemetery are beautifully landscaped with hundreds of flowers and a newly added memorial garden. The garden created in the grounds allows people who have lost a loved one to have a tranquil space to rest and reflect.